Half-way there!

Thanks to 170 amazing backers so far, the Kickstarter campaign for Night Terrace has already exceeded its base goal and is now at over $11,000! That means we have the base budget required to fund production of the first series –  but we’re only half-way through the campaign, with two weeks left to go. You can still back the series and watch our pitch video by clicking here.

So where do we go from here? And if you’re not a backer, why would you jump on board at this stage? Well, there are lots of reasons – here are eight of them!

  1. You get a discount! The final retail version of Night Terrace will be $30 for the eight-episode first series. Pre-ordering through the Kickstarter saves you $5 – even if you only pitch in $10 for the first two episodes. (You’ll get a discount code or link to buy the whole series for $15 later.)
  2. Most of our rewards are exclusive! USB keys, signed CDs, scripts, the vinyl…are all exclusive bits of Night Terrace stuff you won’t be able to get once the Kickstarter is over. Not to mention the chance to be mentioned in an episode, perform a line of dialogue or become an associate producer!
  3. Pledging now helps us reach our stretch goals. These are targets above the campaign goal, and if we reach them, we’ll make extra bits of Night Terrace content!
    • At $12,000, we’ll produce The Making of Night Terrace, an audio documentary with discussion, interviews and outtakes. It’ll be available to anyone who backs the campaign or (even after the Kickstarter) buys the full first series.
    • At $15,000,  we’ll make a prequel series of mini-episodes, The Adventures of Eddie, about our hapless sidekick before he meets Anastasia. This one is exclusively for backers of the campaign (of $25 and up).
    • …we might have another one planned. But we don’t want to be presumptuous.
  4. To maximise our chances of making Night Terrace happen, our base goal represents the minimum amount with which we can reasonably make the show – which means paying everyone involved (and there will be more than twenty cast and crew) only a minimal fee. This isn’t the sexy side of crowdfunding, but everyone is going to work hard and the more money we raise, the better we can pay everyone for that hard work – and the more we can afford to ask of artists, designers and actors.
  5. Being involved in a crowdfunding campaign makes you part of the project. We’ll be celebrating that on Night Terrace with the launch party for backers of $50 or more, but also, once the campaign ends, by keeping you all up to date with pictures and news from the production of the show. It’s not a reward in the campaign sense, but it feels good to be part of something like this!
  6. If you’re anything like me, you’ll forget about the project after a while in between when the campaign ends and when the show is finished – so you’ll get a nice surprise when that email arrives with your download code! And you’ll get actual non-electronic mail (yes, the e stands for something!) if you pledged for one of our physical rewards. EVEN MORE EXCITING!
  7. The whole team gets excited every time we receive a pledge! This happens almost in real time as John, Petra, David and Lee check the site every five minutes. (I get instant notifications via my phone so it’s in real real time for me.) Wouldn’t you like to make us happy? Wouldn’t you? What are you, a monster?
  8. Think about the future! The more listeners and backers we get for series one, the more likely it is we’ll be popular enough to make a second series…

We hope that’s convinced you! But if not, in any case you’ll be able to buy the series when it’s down – though after all our Kickstarter backers get to listen first. Which I suppose is a ninth reason!