Coming Soon To Ears Near You

And we’re done! Thanks to nearly 300 backers on Kickstarter we have funded season one of Night Terrace. The Kickstarter funds will immediately be used to hire the studio, pay for our actors’ time and cover other costs of production, so  a huge thank you from the Night Terrace team for making this possible. We have our first readthrough this week and our first recording session next week, so it’s full steam  ahead for Anastasia and friends.

We’re also thrilled to announce four more cast for the first series of Night Terrace!


Chris Taylor is a comedian and writer, most famous for his work as part of The Chaser comedy team. He has co-written and appeared on CNNNN, The Chaser Decides, The Chaser’s War on Everything, Yes We Canberra and The Hamster Wheel. He is also the writer of the musical comedy Dead Caesar which premiered at the Sydney Theatre Company in 2007, hosted the documentary series Australia’s Heritage: National Treasures and his JJJ mockumentary The Blow Parade won the 2010 ARIA Award for Best Comedy Release.

Chris will play a guest role in the second episode, where he may or may not be in control of a spaceship.

Dave Lamb is a genuine Shakespearian actor, having toured versions of Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth to Australian high schools with both Complete Works Theatre Company and Bell Shakespeare. He has played Orlando in As You Like It and Prince Hal in Henry IV Part I, and recently directed a minimalist cut of Julius Caesar for the Melbourne Fringe Festival. His non-Barded work includes Yasha in The Cherry Orchard, a mad museum tour guide in the 2012 Melbourne Museum Comedy Tour at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, a traffic cop on ABC’s Time of Our Lives and various crazy roles in ABC2’s The Bazura Project, including a futuristic robot with the voice of Shaun Micallef.

Amanda Buckley is about to reach her second decade of performing for theatre, corporate and festival audiences both in Australia and overseas, including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festivals and the UCB Del Close Marathon (NY). Notable show credits include: Impromptunes: The Completely Improvised Musical (currently playing in the comedy festival), The Increasingly Handsome Adventures of Earl Bircher and other tales of Adventure, Spontaneous Broadway, Beaconsfield the Musical, Dungeon Crawl, Scrabble Unscripted, Blank! The Musical, iMPro3 Shuffle and Late Night Impro (also playing in the comedy festival).

Dave and Amanda come on board Night Terrace as part of our ensemble cast, playing various roles in multiple episodes.

Phil Zachariah is a graduate of the National Theatre, with a background in science including three years performing for the CSIRO Science Education Centre. He’s famous for playing high-profile individuals, including John Ruskin and George Bernard Shaw for ABC Radio National, H. G. Wells in ABC2’s The Bazura Project and since 2003 he has been performing a highly successful one-man show based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. His Dickens has taken him across Europe, the UK, New Zealand and Asia and the show is a regular fixture each December at Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre. He has also sung for the Victoria State Opera and played Scruff in the oft-forgotten 1984 science fiction feature Future Schlock.

Phil plays a critical role in episode five…but beyond that there shall be no spoilers!

We hope to have some more casting and production news soon, so stay tuned.