Starring Jackie Woodburne as Anastasia Black
Ben McKenzie as Eddie Jones
and Petra Elliott as “Sue”
with Dave Lamb and Amanda Buckley

Theme music, sound design and audio engineering
David Ashton of Sample and Hold Studios
Visual design Chad Lockwood
Photography Steve Scalone

Created by Ben McKenzie, David Ashton, Petra Elliott, John Richards and Lee Zachariah
Produced by Ben McKenzie and John Richards
Head Writer John Richards

Season One

Associate Producers Samantha Streeter and Robin Bland
Production Assistant Lauren Halstead

One: Moving House

Written by John Richards
Guest Starring Toby Truslove, Cal WilsonLee Zachariah and Cate Wolfe
Additional Voices Nicholas Briggs, Virginia Gay, Michael Ward, Andrew Hansen, David Ashton and Karen Pickering

Two: Starship Australis

Written by Lee Zachariah
Guest Starring Francis Greenslade and Chris Taylor
Additional Voices Andrew Waddington, Glenn Greening and Aamer Rahman

Three: Time of Death

Written by Ben McKenzie
Guest Starring Virginia Gay and Andrew McClelland
Additional Voices Anniene Stockton and Allan Carey

Four: The Outsourcing

Written by David Ashton
Guest Starring Aamer RahmanCate Wolfe and Toby Truslove
Additional Voices Andrew Waddington, Tony Flynn, Graeme CallaghanAnniene Stockton, Steven Petrenko and Daniel Sullivan

Five: Sound & Führer

Written by John Richards
Guest Starring Alan Brough and Phil Zachariah with Samantha Streeter

Six: The Last Hunt

Written by Ben McKenzie
Guest Starring Naomi RukavinaEryn Saunders, Gnarnayarrahe Waitairie and Jason Tamiru

Seven: Discoworld

Written by Lee Zachariah
Guest Starring Adam Richard and Naomi Rukavina
Additional Voices Andrew McClelland, John Richards, Virginia Gay, Karen Pickering, Aamer Rahman and Daniel Sullivan

Eight: Home

Written by John Richards
Guest Starring Jane Badler
Additional Voices Phil Zachariah, Eryn Saunders, Virginia Gay, Kevin Powe and Glenn Greening