How do I buy Night Terrace?

We now use two platforms to sell Night Terrace: our Buy page on this site is powered by Gumroad, and we also have a Bandcamp store.

To buy via this site, head to the Buy page. Click the button for a season to see details, then “Buy This” to add it to your cart, and once you have everything you want, click “Pay” to make your purchase. You’ll be emailed a receipt which contains links you can use to download the files at any time. You can also add a password to create a Gumroad account, which will let you access all your purchases in one place.

To buy via Bandcamp, head to our Bandcamp page. Click on the season you want to buy, then click “Buy Now“. Choose Check out now to buy just that season, or Add to cart if you want to buy something else as well. You’ll get an email with details, and if you have or create a Fan account, the season will appear in your collection, where you can download or stream it.

Can I buy Night Terrace as a gift for someone else?

You sure can! If you’re buying via this site, you select the gift option during checkout. Click the small present icon next to your email address to reveal fields where you enter the recipients’ name and email address.

In Bandcamp, just click the “Send as Gift” link underneath the main “Buy Digital Album” link for the season or mini-series you want to buy, and fill in the recipient’s name and email address (and add an optional message).

I bought Night Terrace, where do I download it?

Depends where you bought it. These articles should help:

I lost my Gumroad receipt, can you help me?

Sure! Just drop us a line, letting us know what email address you used when you purchased Night Terrace, and we’ll send you a new copy of your receipt, which will include the link where you can download your files.

I’m having trouble downloading Night Terrace.

The best place to start if you’re having trouble is to check out these help pages:

If you follow their troubleshooting instructions and still can’t get your hands on your copy, get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do!

I have a code! Where can I use it?

Discount codes (e.g. 10% off) from promotions can be used on the Buy page or our Bandcamp store. In both cases you enter your discount code before entering your credit card (or Paypal) payment details.

If you’ve purchased a code at an event, it’s for Bandcamp only; redeem it here.

We distribute digital Kickstarter rewards via Gumroad; if you have trouble with the link, you can use your Kickstarter code on our Buy page.

What file format do you use?

On Gumroad (and for free downloads offered on this web site), we provide 320kbps mp3 audio files. That’s also the standard high quality format used on Bandcamp, but if you buy Night Terrace there you can also get a variable bit-rate mp3 format, which makes for slightly smaller files, as well as a bunch of less common formats “for audiophiles and nerds”. Checkout Bandcamp’s downloading help page for more on their available file formats.

Can I stream Night Terrace?

Yes! You can stream the very first episode for free via our Listen page. If you’ve purchased a season via Gumroad or Bandcamp, they allow streaming too; just visit your files and click the play button.

Can I listen to Night Terrace on my phone?

Yes! Our files are DRM-free, so you can add them to any kind of portable music player – including mobile phones. You can drag and drop them into iTunes or any other music management software, or if you have access, just copy them into your phone’s memory.

To stream Night Terrace on your phone, you’ll need the app for the platform on which you bought it: either the Bandcamp app, or the Gumroad Library app.  In either case you’ll need to have created an account for that platform to access your purchases via the app.

Will there be more seasons of Night Terrace?

We’ve made two seasons so far, and there may be more content coming in the future. As with most projects like this, it largely depends on the popularity of the show. So if you want more Night Terrace, spread the word!

Do you make anything else?

Splendid Chaps Productions produced a year-long live Doctor Who discussion and comedy podcast called Splendid Chaps, which is where we got our name. We also have other things in the pipeline, including at least one new podcast. Check out our web site at splendidchaps.com to find out more!