Night Terrace Kickstarter launching today!

The Night Terrace Kickstarter campaign launches today! We’ll be pushing the “launch” button and sending the campaign out into space and time at around 1 PM (Melbourne time). You’ll be able to pre-order the first series of eight episodes as a digital download, or you can grab a copy on physical media including ┬ácustom USB keys, limited edition CDs or a very limited edition clear 12″ vinyl of episode one! You can also get a signed script, have your name mentioned in an episode, or even deliver a line of dialogue yourself.

We’re looking to raise $9,420, an amount we’ve calculated to cover all the base costs of the production as well as the costs of producing your rewards, and taking into account all Kickstarter and transaction fees. The campaign will run for thirty days, and if we manage to hit the goal, we’ve already thought of a few exciting stretch goals – but we’ll let you know about them if it looks like we’ll get that far!

We’ll let you know when the campaign is live and link to it from the web site, and you’ll have until noon Melbourne time on Saturday, April 12 to decide if you want in. We hope you’ll join us on the first journey of the Terrace!