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Dr Anastasia Black just wanted a quiet retirement, so she’s not exactly thrilled when her suburban terrace house spontaneously starts to travel through time and space. Even worse, she’s stuck with uninvited houseguests. Together they’ll try to get along in the face of alien invasions, hideous monsters, and an inability to put the kettle on without the house appearing somewhere new. But will it ever take them home?

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Night Terrace is an original time travel audio comedy starring Jackie Woodburne (Neighbours) as Dr Anastasia Black, Ben McKenzie as Eddie and Petra Elliott as Sue.

It also features a stellar cast of guest stars including Alan Brough (Spicks and Specks), Jane Badler (V), Toby Truslove (Laid), Virgina Gay (Winners and Losers), Adam Richard (Spicks and Specks), Cal Wilson (Slideshow), Francis Greenslade (Mad As Hell), Cate Wolf (The Doctor Blake Mysteries), Chris Taylor (The Chaser), Louise Jameson (Doctor Who), Lawrence Leung (Sucker), Emily Taheny (Open Slather), Steven Gates (Tripod), Ming-Zhu Hii (The Ex-PM), Andrew McClelland (Stand Up @ Bella Union), Tegan Higginbotham (Holding the Man), Ian Smith (Neighbours), Celia Pacquola (Utopia) and many more!

The series is produced by Splendid Chaps Productions, a creative team that includes the minds behind the hit Doctor Who podcast Splendid Chaps and the ABC television comedies Outland and The Bazura Project, among other things. There are two seasons of eight 28-minute episodes available, as well as a half-hour audio documentary about the making of the first season produced by award-winning  podcaster Josh Kinal (Boxcutters, The Devil’s Avocado) and a prequel mini-series.