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Night Terrace Season One album artNight Terrace season one

The story begins when Dr Anastasia Black meets Eddie Jones just as her house starts to travel at random through space and time, and they repeatedly encounter the mysterious “Sue”… Eight episodes, each about 28 minutes, plus The Making of Night Terrace audio documentary.
Released October 23, 2014. $25 AUD

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Night Terrace Season Two album artNight Terrace season two

The housemates return! Anastasia, Eddie and Sue continue their adventures through time and space, and stumble across a new mystery…one that might signal an early end for their journey. Eight episodes, each about 28 minutes.
Released February 29, 2016. $30 AUD

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Night Terrace: Situational AwarenessNight Terrace: Situational Awareness

A special episode recorded in front of a live audience! The house has landed in an ever-increasing spiral of hilarious misunderstandings – and something has gone very wrong. Will our housemates be able to escape? Single episode, 40 minutes.
Released December 16, 2016. $5 AUD

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Hello, My Name is Eddie album artHello, My Name is Eddie

Originally a Kickstarter exclusive, this prequel miniseries details some of the misadventures of Eddie Jones before he met Anastasia. Six episodes between 3 and 6 minutes in length.
Released October 23, 2015. $5 AUD

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