The Journey Begins!

Night Terrace house and logo

Only 6 hours in to our crowd-funding campaign we’ve raised 25% of our target. Thank you to everyone who’s joined us so far, we’re thrilled to have you onboard!

We’re also pleased to see so much interest in Night Terrace, with pieces by everyone from TV Tonight to Tansy Rayner Roberts, from cnet to DNA. Click those names to see what they said – and our thanks to all of them for getting the word out!

You can find our kickstarter campaign here and see the great rewards on offer. We can’t make Night Terrace without you, so tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Lean out of a window and shout about it like you’re Peter Finch in Network! Actually, don’t do that (but it is a great film). Come join us! JOIN USSSSSS!