We won an Aurealis Award!

On Saturday, April 11, we were honoured to be awarded the Convenors’ Award for Excellence at the 20th annual Aurealis Awards in Canberra! You can read more about the awards and see the full list of nominees and winners at their web site. In the meantime, while we were unable to accept the award ourselves, we did write an acceptance speech, and we’d like to reproduce it here.

We are so unbelievably thrilled to receive this Aurealis Award. Night Terrace has been a dream project for us – we’ve been supported by our listeners from the beginning, every cast member we asked said yes, we managed to send Susan From Neighbours into space to say a lot of silly things, and now this. We are speechless, which is why this is typed.

This award also comes as something of a shock since – as the cast and crew of Night Terrace includes women, homosexuals and people of colour – we thought we had been banned from receiving any science fiction accolades. You can’t imagine what Happy Puppies this makes us.

Our goal was to make a narrative series that worked both as comedy and science fiction, and this award makes us feel we made it at least some of the way. We’re so sorry we can’t be in Canberra, but we’re sure there are other people who spend their lives sorry they are in Canberra, so it balances out.

Thank you to the conveners for this honour, to all the listeners and backers of Night Terrace season one and two for making this happen, and to Tehani Wessely for accepting this on our behalf. Thank you!